Ailish in Sudeki

Appearance Sudeki
Blood Type O
Title(s) Princess Ailish of Illumina
Sex Female
Homeland Illumina

Queen Lusica (adopted)

Race Human
Occupation Imperial Princess/Mage
Age 19
Affiliation(s) Royal Family of Illumina

"I may be a weak and feeble woman, but I am one of the finest magicians in the realm!"


Ailish is one of the main female protagonists of Sudeki. She is the princess of Illumina and the daughter of Queen Lusica, as well as being a gifted sorceress; one of the finest in Haskilia. Ailish is portrayed as a somewhat naive and spoiled woman, but is shown to be spirited and vivacious as well. She is also the light counterpart of Alexine and is the descendent of Olivitess the Eagle.

In combat, Ailish wields a magical staff, and fires in first person, like Elco. Not only is the healer of the group, but she also posssesses the highest Essence out of the entire group.


Ailish was born in the Illumina countryside. Her parents were humble servants of the Estdale family. She lived with them for two years and showed remarkable magical awareness even at such an early age. Word soon spread of this remarkable child and caught the attention of Queen Lusica who needed a pure child who was strong in magic to complete her plan. Lusica sent her personal assassin, Lord Talos, to capture the young Ailish and leave no trace.

One stormy night, Talos entered the Estdale estate to steal away the young Ailish. He killed Ailish's parents in their sleep and took the young child. As Talos left the estate he set a small fire in the servant's quarters to cover up the evil act. The fire caught and raged through the mansion. The Estdales, however, escaped. After the fire had been put out the following morning the bodies of Ailish and her parents could not be found. Presumed dead, a funeral was held, and gravestones were erected in the memory of the three lives lost.

Slowly but surely, news flowed from Illumina that Lusica had given birth to a child, but this child was very ill and could not leave the castle. This was done to cover the fact that Ailish was already three years of age. Years passed, and Ailish was seen more and more around the court, but no one ever questioned her age. As Ailish grew up she was denied the normal things children need. She was never allowed to play with the other children and had very little contract with anyone other than Lusica and a few other trusted servants.

From the point that Talos brought Ailish to the castle, she began to be schooled in the ways of magic. Lusica trained Ailish personally, but was a strict teacher. As the years of lessons and court duties passed, Ailish grew to believe that she did not belong in the castle and resented her mother's constant pushing.



Ailish is a young woman of average height, possessing a somewhat buxom figure. She was designed to become the poster girl of the game, and as a result, was given a more aesthetically pleasing look, when compared to the other characters. She has blue hair, in which she ties in a pony tail, fuchsia eyes which appear large, due to the game's anime influence, and small facial feautures.

Like that of Buki, Ailish is shown always wearing rather revealing and impractical outfits, such as her first armour; silk shorts, brass bra, long opera gloves, and stockings, fitted with brass shoes. However, a recurring theme is that all of her outfits tend to possess the colour violet, and all of her outfits possess a metal bra.


While she is portrayed on the surface as a somewhat spoiled and bratty person, Ailish's true side is revealed throughout the course of the game; a vivacious, spirited, and compassionate woman. She is portrayed to be a free spirit, romantic and laid back, though if provoked, Ailish can become a considerable force to reckon with, as shown when she faced Nassaria.


Ailish is shown to be a skilled mage, demonstrating considerable proficiency in various forms of magic, such as healing, offensive magic, and supportive magic. In combat, she prefers the use of magical staves to attack, and her greatest attribute on the battlefield is the ability to revive and heal fallen comrades as well as dealing immensely powerful Skill Strikes.


  • Ailish insists on her friends calling her by her given name, like when she first meets Tal.
  • Her closest serving girls are Yemi and Elco's wife, Tilly. Aside from Ailish herself, they are the only people who are allowed access to Ailish's bedroom tower. 
  • Despite her status as a princess, she hardly attempts to realise her duties, and dislikes court meetings.
  • Ailish likes to eat Brightwater caviar, which fits her status as princess.
  • Ailish dislikes boredom.
  • In a scrapped ending, it is shown that Ailish embraces and kisses Tal after he defeats Heigou.