A tireless scientist and inventor, Elco is extremely smart for his young age. He lost his left arm in an industrial accident and endured the pain of grafting a mechanical arm in its place, paid for by queen Lusica. Elco is the descendant of Lebius the Dragon, but believes all of religion to be a fallacy and a product of "smoke and mirrors". His weapon of choice is a gun. When fighting with Elco, the view goes into first person.


Elco was born and raised in Transentia , where he lived until his late teens. He attended the Transentia University and quickly became one of Professor Hayton 's star pupils. Elco graduated in the class of '85 as the university's brightest student. He is mistrustful of mystical beliefs that are not grounded in the world that he can see and understand, so he is occasionally at odds with the devout Buki. Nonetheless, his loyalty to his friends and his liege is unquestionable. He is also married to Tilly, who he holds highly above everything else. He talks with a thick Dutch accent and can even be heard speaking in Dutch to Professor Hayton. Due to an experiment gone wrong, Elco lost his left arm when he was only nineteen. Queen Lusica agreed to pay for the graft of a robotic arm, and so Elco feels as though he is in debt to the Queen. 

Now twenty-five, Elco has relocated to Illumina Castle to work under the rule of Queen Lusica as her Chief Science Officer. He has spent the last few years working on building the Illumina Crystal Towers. He is married to Tilly, who also works at Illumina Castle as one of Princess Ailish's serving girls. 


  • Elco may have been named after Elco Vossers , who worked as a Character Artist for Sudeki. 
  • Of the four champions, Elco is the only one to have a completely different personality to his darkself.