This is a list of consumable items, such as the various potions and salves you collect during your journey. These items will appear in both the inventory menu as well as the quick menu.

Up to four of them can be hotkeyed for instant use on the current character without requiring the player to pull up the quick menu. To use them (or any other item) on another character without changing the current character, the quick menu must be used.

Consumable Effect Max# Sale Price
Healing Ointment +250 HP, single 15 35
Healing Salve +500 HP, single 10 60
Healing Potion +1.000 HP, single 8 90
Healing Tincture +2.500 HP, single 5 125
Healing Elixir Restore all HP, single 3 220
Stardust Vial +500 HP, all 5 115
Moondust Vial +1.000 HP, all 3 265
Starflare Vial +2.000 HP, all 2 525
Skill Ointment +50 SP, single 10 75
Skill Salve +100 SP, single 5 155
Skill Potion +250 SP, single 3 235
Skill Tincture Restore all SP, single 2 430
Amaranth Drink Restore all SP, all 3 575
Miracle Potion Restore all HP & SP, single 2 630
Apotheosis Drink Restore all HP & SP, all 2 850
Luster Drink +200 HP & 50 SP, single 8 90
Luster Wine +500 HP & 100 SP, single 5 165
Luster Brew +1.000 HP & 250 SP, single 3 345
Emerald Panacea Cures Poison Status, single 5 20
Sapphire Panacea Cures Slow Status, single 5 20
Blazing Panacea Cures Weaken & Curse Status, single 5 20
Golden Panacea Cures all Negative Statuses, single 3 35
Aegis Drink +750 HP & Remove all Statuses 5 75
Royal Potion Restore all HP + Remove all Statuses 2 285
Spirit Nectar Revive & +250 HP, all 5 195
Soul Nectar Revive & +1.000 HP, all 3 350
Holy Nectar Revive & Restore all HP, all 2 575
Orb of Might Increase Max SP by 20 N/A 500
Orb of Power Increase Power by 10 N/A 500
Orb of Vigor Increase Max HP by 100 N/A 500
Orb of Wisdom Increase Essence by 10 N/A 500
Orb of Sanctuary Increase Max HP by 250 N/A 750

Traders Edit

Throughout the lands of Sudeki, various traders set up shops to ply their wares. Most are primarily interested in buying valuable items that they can sell for a profit elsewhere. Most of these items are only obtained by defeating monsters, making aquiring them a dangerous business.That's why they depend on you to do the collecting for them. Traders tend to have preferences for certain classes of items, and they get all diggy like little schoolgirls at the prospect of buying some off of you.

For more information, visit the Trading page.

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