Sudeki Lord Talos Story by Niki UK

Talos in Sudeki

Appearance Sudeki
Blood Type Unknown
Title(s) Lord
Sex Male
Homeland Aklorian Stronghold
Family Kazel (Younger Brother)
Race Human
Occupation Assassin
Age Unknown (21 or older)
Affiliation(s) The Queen of Illumina (temporarily)

Heigou (champion)

Talos is Kazel's brother. He is an Aklorian assassin, who aims for the destruction of Illumina. When the Aklorians first started invading Illumina, Talos killed Tal's younger brother - eliminating his shadow and making it so that he could never be reunited with his other half, in the event that Tetsu was able to start a new age of unity.

His body is covered with metal plates in the crudest of manners (of which his skin has healed over them and covers some of them). His left hand has been replaced with a scythe and a mechanical hand is attached to his other arm.

Lord Talos becomes the human champion of Heigou and is the final boss of the game.


  • Talos is commonly believed to be Tal's dead brother.
  • Talos is the true brother of Tal's counterpart Kazel.
  • He has taken up a temporary residence in Illumina Castle, an explorable location.