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Each of the characters in Sudeki has their own weapons, and are not interchangeable with the other characters. Weapons and other items can be found throughout Illumina Kingdom, Akloria and the Shadow Nexus. Each weapon has its individual strengths and weaknesses and if used appropriately, can change the course of a battle drastically.

Each of the four main characters can gather totems hidden throughout Sudeki and deliver them to the individual character's demi-god altar to unlock that particular character's ultimate weapon. Tal can collect totems for Kariston the Wolf, Ailish for Olivitess the Eagle, Buki for the Great Cat Mo, and Elco gathers totems for Lebius the Dragon.

See also: Armor


Tal gets many weapons through the game, but only a handful are worth using and enhancing. Mojo is great to use for a while, but definitely purchase the Chain Sword when you have the opportunity. Chain Sword has great upgrade potential and is the best sword until you gain Tal's ultimate weapon, the Runic Blade.

Tal's Weapons
Recruit's Sword Mojo Hukin's Fate Preystalker Agarth's Cleaver Chain Sword Siren's Song Mammoth's Fang Faustian Blade Runic Blade
Base Strength: 15 25 10 15 20 25 15 10 35 40
Critical Hit Rate: 10% 5% 10% 5% 15% 15% 10% 15% 10% 35%
Rune Slots: 2 Square 2 Square

1 Circle (1 Poison), 2 Square

1 Circle (1 Poison), 2 Square 2 Circle (1 Poison), 1 Square 1 Circle, 1 Square 1 Circle (1Slow), 2 Square 3 Circle (1 Slow) 3 Circle 3 Circle
Obtained: Beginning Weapon Brightwater Beach Nolan's Farm Realm of Shadows, Ferryman's Quest Shadowstone Quest Reward Kamo's Shop Nassaria's Grotto Tree of Woe, Optional Area Aklorian Stronghold Kariston Altar Quest Reward


Ailish's ultimate weapon is the Nightshadow.
Ailish's Weapons
Royal Scepter Xuric's Shockstaff Batholith Wizardwood Stave Nightshadow Chilltip Cane Histanica
Base Strength: 16 50 60 70 48 30 10
Critical Hit Rate: 5% 10% 10% 15% 10% 5% 5%
Rate of Fire: High Medium Low Low High Medium Medium
Rune Slots: 2 Square 1 Square 2 Square 2 Square 2 Circle, 1 Square Slow Curse, 1 Square
Obtained: Beginning Weapon Beginning Weapon Realm of Shadows, Ferryman's Quest Transentine Research Centre Olivitess Altar Crystal Reef Kamo's Store


Buki's ultimate weapon is the Staeysekin.

Buki's Weapons
Kalamarka Shalizeh Jakome Melakorka Veshchenega Staeysekin Anemomir Mephiticus
Base Strength: 10 20 20 25 10
Critical Hit Rate: 15% 5% 30% 20% 15%
Rune Slots: 2 Square 3 Square 1 Circle, 1 Square 2 Square Slow, 1 Square 3 Circle Slow Poison, 2 Square
Obtained: Beginning Weapon


Elco's ultimate weapon is the Plasma Launcher.

Elco's Weapons
Proton Phaser Ion Fluxinator Debilitator Chronotron Plasma Launcher Omnium Rocket Gun Neutron Blunderbuss
Base Strength: 20 35 20 30 48 100 90
Critical Hit Rate: 5% 15% 5% 5% 10% 10% 10%
Rate of Fire: High Low Medium Medium High Low Medium
Rune Slots: 2 Square 2 Square Weaken, 1 Square Slow, 2 Square 2 Circle, 1 Square 2 Square 1 Circle, 2 Square
Obtained: Beginning Weapon Beginning Weapon Tomb of Farex Lore Realm of Shadows, Ferryman's Quest Lebius Altar Devil's Belch Canyon Kamo's Shop

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